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Embroidery Pros

  • Very durable – will outlast the rigours of constant washing and daily wear. We often say embroidery will outlast the shirt.
  • Colour fastness. The quality of the thread means the logo will maintain its vibrant colours.
  • Appearance of quality. While other printing methods definitely have their merits, nothing looks as classy as a well embroidered logo on workwear.
  • No limit to number of colours in the design.
  • Suited to most materials.

Embroidery Cons

  • Design size. Embroidery cost is calculated by the number of stitches so the larger the design, the more stitches so more expensive.
  • Large designs are often not suitable due to the weight of the design, which often will make the fabric pucker or sag.
  • Depending on the design embroidery can lose some detail of your logo. For instance shading or small lettering/details will not embroider nicely.
  • Small lettering we recommend no smaller than 5mm but prefer 8mm depending on the font.

Thermal Printing Pros

  • Very large print is no problem so it is a great way to get your logo or info seen on the back of shirts.
  • No limit to number of colours and shading and small detail are no problem (often we will need to use a box around very small lettering).
  • Affordable and fast turnaround. You can also press these designs on yourself at home!
  • Very large print is no problem so it is a great way to get your logo or info seen on the back of shirts.

Thermal Printing Cons

  • Whilst still very durable with proper care, thermal print is not as durable as embroidery or sublimation.
  • Cannot iron on the print and the use of a dryer is not recommended.
  • Depending on the design, this print will have a vinyl feel to and can wrinkle.

Dye Sublimation Pros

  • This type of print is extremely durable and has no feel to it, won’t ever crack and will outlast the garment.
  • Small quantities with a fast turnaround.
  • Most affordable printing option.
  • Very vibrant colours, no loss of detail.

Dye Sublimation Cons

  • Can only be printed on light coloured fabrics, preferably white.
  • Can only be printed on 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Please note different options apply for custom made dye sublimated garments. Please ask us about these if you wish to use this print on dark coloured cloth.

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