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DTF Wholesale 1

DTF Wholesale

Designed to provide you with a state of the art print option without having a printer. We print, you press!

DTF Printing gives you a flexible approach to print on surfaces that you can’t accomplish with regular DTG Printing, allowing you to expand your business.

If you’re looking for printing technology that produces immaculately finished designs that accurately represent the picture you want, then DTF is the ideal option.

No cutting, no weeding, no cracking, no peeling, full colour printing, ship anywhere in Australia. A3 sheets with any design. No need to have your own printer, you only need a heat press. Can be used on cotton and polyester.

Contact Coast Imagewear to organise your wholesale prices.

DTF Wholesale Printing Process

Send Us Your Image

1 Send Us Your Image

Send us the photo you want printed. Users can print their logos and/or artwork using direct to film (DTF) printing onto a coated PET film. Vector ready or print ready PNG.

Print To Film

2 Print To Film

Using a garment printer, we will print your design directly onto the DTF film. The film is coated with an emulsion that makes the ink stick so that it doesn’t run off the film.

Apply Powder

3 Apply Powder

The DTF adhesive powder is applied while the ink is still wet on the printed film. The image and film are then equally coated with the adhesive.

Cure Film

4 Cure Film

The ink is then cured in a heat press or preheated DTF curing oven to help it adhere to the DTF film. After which, the finished product is ready for transit or storage.

Send Back To You

5 Send Back To You

Peel off the film sheet after applying the DTF print on the garment using a heat press.

We can handle your wholesale and bulk Direct to Film Printing needs to your exact specifications.

Benefits of DTF Printing

No Colour Limit

No Colour Limit

Without limit to colour, print your brand logo or original artwork on the apparel of your choice.

Soft Texture

Soft Texture

The clothing will feel comfortable because of the distinctive high quality fabric inks, which offer natural softness.

Stunning Full Color Prints

Stunning Full-Color Prints

We use the two pass printing method to imprint a vibrant and durable image on your coloured and white clothing.

Printing High Quality Images

Printing High-Quality Images

Without limitations on colour, we can print whatever pattern you choose! For a set charge, your image may have one or more colours. We use RGB.

No Peeling Cracking

No Peeling & Cracking

We use water-based inks that feel soft and won't break. It won't readily peel off because it is directly printed onto your shirt.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

Environmentally Friendly Paint

We utilise CPSIA-compliant, 100% eco-friendly textile water-based pigment inks from Brother.

Coast Imagewear uses a high-quality specifically designed DTF printer. The ink quality and durability is higher than other standard printing machines.

Contact Coast Imagewear to organise your wholesale prices.

What Is Direct to Film (DTF) Printing?

Direct-to-Film printing, or DTF printing, makes use of a garment printer to produce film transfers that can subsequently be applied to a wide range of substrates using a heat-press mechanism. The Printer DTF method may be used on cotton and poly mixes, in contrast to the DTG process, which exclusively works on cotton materials.

How Does DTF Printing Work?

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is a heat-transfer printing method. The process starts with printing images onto a transfer film, which is then coated with an adhesive powder and transferred to a substrate such as a fabric with a heat press.

The Coast Imagewear direct-to-film (DTF) solution provides excellent quality results by utilising garment printers that have been specifically created to operate with textile inks and garments, unlike other systems that employ a desktop inkjet printer meant for office paper printing.

What Is Direct to Film DTF Printing

Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers may be used to design garments in colours including blue, green, red, and yellow as well as a wide variety of textiles (including polyester).

What Makes DTF Special?

  • The ability to print on practically any surface is one of the main reasons why the DTF printer is gaining popularity. DTF printer technology enables you to print on cotton, polyester, synthetic, or silk with ease.
  • Furthermore, DTF printers can print on both dark and white cloth.
  • DTF produces sharp, distinct edges and pictures and doesn’t require pre-treatment, trimming, or weeding.
  • Once properly applied, DTF has a soft feel, excellent elasticity, and is incredibly durable.
  • In general, DTF materials, such as inks and transfer sheets, are less costly and wasteful than both eco-solvent print vinyl and white toner transfer technology supplies. The production of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of transfers is affordable and rapid.

Contact Coast Imagewear to organise your wholesale prices.

Pros and Cons DTF Printing

Pros and Cons DTF Printing


  • There is no need for pretreatment.
  • It works on practically any cloth or fabric.
  • The cloth will be extremely wash resistant after printing.
  • The procedure is less time-consuming and less labour-intensive than other printing technologies such as vinyl.
  • Reduce the use of white ink.
    Faster production process.
    Easy to use.


  • Breathability can be relatively poor for larger prints.

Contact Coast Imagewear to organise your wholesale prices.


Tracey and the team are amazing!! They genuinely care about what they do and always think about what’s in their customer’s best interest. Definitely the best place on the coast to get uniforms, printing, embroidery & any workwear accessories. Best value and great quality!
Patricia Otto 2

Patricia Otto

Very lovely to work with and went above expectations by picking up and delivering our work shirts back to the business in the local area. Highly recommended!
Mikki Derrick 1

Mikki Derrick

Coast Imagewear does a brilliant job all round! Guidance with selection of garments, meeting budget, designing and printing, timeframes, communication and delivery! Super job, and great outcome. And the shirts helped us win the Queensland Titles!
Kylie Gillespie 1

Kylie Gillespie


Direct to Film, sometimes referred to as DTF, is a method of applying a graphic to a piece of clothing by printing it on a piece of film using various coloured inks. A heat-press machine uses pressure and heat to attach the pre-printed film to the clothing.
DTF printed clothing has great washing performance. Despite the fact that only a little amount of ink is imprinted on the clothing, the hand feel is excellent. The clothing has a normal hand feel, with a tiny film of hot-melting powder sticking to them.
DTF printing is more flexible than screen printing, allowing you to print in a broader variety of surfaces on the garment. DTF printing is also less costly than screen printing for many types of applications.
DTF printing is a heat transfer technology that can outlast standard screen printing.
Yes. DTF inks are less expensive, and transfer films and hotmelt powder are also available at reasonable costs. Additionally, DTF uses a lot less ink than DTG, particularly less white ink. You don’t need as much white ink as an underbase since the hotmelt powder will bind the inks to the fabric.
Direct to film prints won’t peel or crack. They are flexible, wash well, and are excellent for frequently used work clothing.
A variety of materials, including cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 mixes, and other light and dark textiles, can be printed with DTF.
Yes. Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing are full-colour heat transfers that can be applied to both bright and dark clothes.
DTF transfers provide the softest feel and touch of any printing method. It doesn’t have a plastic or sticky feel about it.
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