Bleach resistant towels

Bleach resistant beauty towels.

Pack of 12.

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These Beauty Salon Towels have been specially designed and engineered for commercial salon use. The Beauty Salon Towels have been dyed in a specific way, which has resulted in a bleach safe towel – perfect for hair dressers, beauty schools and beauty salons. You can rest assured knowing that these Beauty Salon Towels won’t lose colour or develop patchy light coloured stains, due to the clever manufacturing techniques used. Whitening beauty products, face creams, and body lotions are no match for our Beauty Salon towels; other salon towels may discolour or lose stability, however we guarantee that this towel is completely bleach proof. With over 40 years’ experience in producing towels, you can rely on Canningvale to produce beauty salon towels for your business and home beauty treatments alike.

Some beauty towels on the market have a reputation for not being absorbent. After washing, Canningvale’s Beauty Salon Towels are soft, plush and incredibly absorbent. Please do ensure that you wash before use in order to take full advantage of our bleach proof vat dying properties.

Each towel: 40cm x 74cm