Embroidered Badges

Coast Imagewear on the Sunshine Coast

Embroidered Badges/Patches

We can embroider any badge or patch for you; business logo, sporting identity, school name, flags, symbols or just fun images!

We offer 3 different types of finish for your badge, so that the border doesn't fray:

  • Hot knife border - this is a thinner, flatter border that is done after the patch is completed.  It is cut out using a hot knife that seals the outer edge of your patch, keeping the thread from fraying. Hot Cut borders are usually used for patches that are more complex shapes, following the outline of an image  e.g. the shape of a cartoon character, cross or an animal.
  • Overlocked border - this is a lighter finishing edge, stitched over the finished embroidered badge.  It is secure, but not quite as 'polished' as the merrow finish.
  • Merrowed edge - this is a very secure, heavier border done on a separate machine.  It is stitched up and over the edges of your patch after the patch design is completed.  Merrow borders are most commonly found on simple shapes such as circles, ovals and squares.

Minimum quantities apply for merrowed edge badges. Click on the photo below for enlargement to clearly see the differences.

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