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At Coast Imagewear we offer professional embroidery, competitive prices, and fast turnaround!

We use the latest computerised technology with multi-head industrial machines that create a very high-quality finish.

24 Hour Quotes, No Minimum Orders

Get Quality Workwear, Embroidered Logos, & Custom Printing

Our workshop set up is at home, so we are able to keep our costs to a minimum and therefore can offer affordable workwear branding for small and large quantities. Our customers include small business owners, sports clubs, pony clubs, daycare centres, and schools; as well as some large charity organisations and businesses!

You can supply your own garments or uniforms, or choose from our extensive range of quality apparel in our store catalogue.

Our customers tell us the great thing about Coast Imagewear’s services is that they can order large quantities, but when they want just one or two shirts it’s never a problem!

Embroidery Set-up

Before we embroider your logo, we digitise it to make it suitable for our computerised embroidery machines. We need your logo in a digital format, preferably jpeg or pdf to start the digitising process. This involves a one-off set-up fee, but your digitised logo remains in our files for all your future needs.

Once your logo is digitised, we make an embroidery sample for you to proof and approve. We embroider with top quality thread, and stabilisers and you will be very impressed with the result. After all, your image is our business!

The items listed below are ones we commonly embroider, but we will embroider anything else that we can get in an embroidery hoop!

  • Polo shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Business shirts
  • Workwear / safety shirts
  • Clubwear and sportswear
  • Caps & hats (front, back and sides)
  • Sportsbags
  • Towels and Bathrobes

We also offer a personalised gift range , which includes embroidery or printing of names with a message on teddy bears, towels, cushions and babywear. These make wonderful gifts for all kinds of occasions, such as christenings, births, valentines day, wedding, engagement or birthdays.

We will freight anywhere in Australia or overseas and we offer free local pick up.

How To Choose The Right Printing Method For Your Projects

Dye Sublimination
Thermal Vinyl Print
Blended Fabrics
White or Light Coloured Fabric
Dark Coloured Fabric
Chest Size Image
Very Large Image


  • Very durable - will outlast the rigours of constant washing and daily wear. We often say embroidery will outlast the shirt.
  • Colour fastness. The quality of the thread means the logo will maintain its vibrant colours.
  • Appearance of quality. While other printing methods definitely have their merits, nothing looks as classy as a well embroidered logo on workwear.
  • No limit to number of colours in the design.
  • Suited to most materials.

  • Design size. Embroidery cost is calculated by the number of stitches so the larger the design, the more stitches so more expensive.
  • Large designs are often not suitable due to the weight of the design, which often will make the fabric pucker or sag.
  • Depending on the design embroidery can lose some detail of your logo. For instance shading or small lettering/details will not embroider nicely.
  • Small lettering we recommend no smaller than 5mm but prefer 8mm depending on the font.

  • Very large print is no problem so it is a great way to get your logo or info seen on the back of shirts.
  • No limit to number of colours and shading and small detail are no problem (often we will need to use a box around very small lettering).
  • Affordable and fast turnaround. You can also press these designs on yourself at home!
  • Very large print is no problem so it is a great way to get your logo or info seen on the back of shirts.

  • Whilst still very durable with proper care, thermal print is not as durable as embroidery or sublimation.
  • Cannot iron on the print and the use of a dryer is not recommended.
  • Depending on the design, this print will have a vinyl feel to and can wrinkle.

  • This type of print is extremely durable and has no feel to it, won't ever crack and will outlast the garment.
  • Small quantities with a fast turnaround.
  • Most affordable printing option.
  • Very vibrant colours, no loss of detail.

  • Can only be printed on light coloured fabrics, preferably white.
  • Can only be printed on 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Please note different options apply for custom made dye sublimated garments. Please ask us about these if you wish to use this print on dark coloured cloth.


Ive been using Coast Imagewear for about 5 years for all my work shirts and hats. Very happy with the quality of the embroidery, the service and the price. Would recommend to other businesses!

Chris Goundrey

Coast Imagewear does a brilliant job all round! Guidance with selection of garments, meeting budget, designing and printing, timeframes, communication and delivery! Super job, and great outcome. And the shirts helped us win the Queensland Titles!!

Kylie Gillespie

Tracey and the team are amazing!! They genuinely care about what they do and always think about what’s in their customer’s best interest. Definitely the best place on the coast to get uniforms, printing, embroidery & any workwear accessories. Best value and great quality!

Patricia Otto

Extremely happy with the work Tracey has done for me. She has blown my mind and created something more amazing than i had pictured. Thank you Tracey!!!! I will definitely be returning

Gemma Land

Very lovely to work with and went above expectations by picking up and delivering our work shirts back to the business in the local area. Highly recommended!

mikki derrick

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