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Promotional Product Branding

Promotional Product Branding

Increase your brand awareness by offering your customers promotional products imprinted with your company logo.

Coast Imagewear can brand any of your promotional or gift items using a variety of methods including embroidery and printing.

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Popular Branding Products for Your Business

Office Pens

Office & Pens

Brand notebooks, pens, and other frequently used office supplies.



Promotions with custom tech devices will increase brand awareness.



Promote your brand on bottles, tumblers, flasks, and other items.

Bags Recreation

Bags & Recreation

With branded bags and leisure items, you can enhance your company's promotion.

Clothes Caps

Clothes & Caps

Customised clothes and caps let you display your brand while you're out and about.



Put your logo on useful household items to serve as a strong reminder of your brand.

For your next giveaway or team celebration, you can find a variety of valuable promotional items and corporate gift ideas at Coast Imagewear.

Benefits of Branded Promotional Products

Boost Brand Awareness

Boost Brand Awareness

Increase brand recognition by providing your clients, potential consumers, and employees with polished branded items.

Create A Lasting Impression

Create A Lasting Impression

People will value and keep promotional gifts like USB sticks, mugs, and pens because they are useful.

Fully Customisable Products

Fully Customisable Products

For your bespoke promotional goods, pick from a variety of colours, styles, and design templates.

Our specialists are always there to help you if you need assistance in selecting and branding promotional gifts or personalised items.

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Why Is Promotional Branding Important?

Having a strong, recognisable brand that maintains its identity throughout all of your marketing initiatives can help you stand out from rivals in the industry. This benefits your company when entering the market and gives it a feeling of legitimacy.
Why Is Promotional Branding Important

Branding Creates Customer Loyalty

Branding your product is a terrific approach to encouraging loyalty. Customers are more likely to buy a product repeatedly when they can associate it with a name or company logo. You will notice a significant rise in sales after you establish yourself as a trustworthy household name that people can easily recognise.

Brand Consistency Builds Credibility

Potential customers will perceive a brand that is continuously changing as chaotic and unstable. Because of this, it's essential for your branding to be consistent throughout all of your marketing products as well as over time.

Branding Encourages Consumers to Buy

Having a logo on your promotional items can give your brand a respectable and important image. People frequently believe they are receiving a well-designed and well-assembled product when they see a logo.

Branding Improves Communication

It can be challenging to advertise and promote your product. Branding offers an easy and fantastic approach to creating product awareness. Having your gifts branded will enable you to communicate your message to potential clients in a straightforward manner.

Branding Gives Your Products an Advantage

It can be quite difficult to advertise and sell your merchandise. There are countless products in the market, some of which are comparable to yours. One way to stand out from the crowd and give your product a competitive edge is to ensure consistent branding of all your goods.

Stubby Coolers for Hot Summer Days

Stubby Coolers for Hot Summer Days

Keep your drinks cold and your hands dry with our stubby coolers for sweltering summer days.

These fully customisable beverage holders can maintain the temperature of your chilled beer or favourite drink while also promoting your brand.

Add a logo or promotional message to the insulated sleeve and distribute these stubby coolers among your customers, workers, partners, and friends.

Display your brand all over—at work, at home, and everywhere!

Other promotional products we offer include:

  • Embroidered towels
  • Embroidered or printed caps
  • Printed tote bags
  • Bar mats
  • Flyers and business cards (see detailed pricing below)

Business Card Pricing

  • 90 x 55mm 420gsm Artboard
  • With full colour on both sides & matte or gloss finish front (Includes design work if needed)
  • Order quantity of 250 is available at a price of $99
  • Order quantity of 500 is available at a price of $110
  • Order quantity of 1000 is available at a price of $140

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Very lovely to work with and went above expectations by picking up and delivering our work shirts back to the business in the local area. Highly recommended!

Mikki Derrick 2

Mikki Derrick

Coast Imagewear does a brilliant job all round! Guidance with selection of garments, meeting budget, designing and printing, timeframes, communication and delivery! Super job, and great outcome. And the shirts helped us win the Queensland Titles!

Kylie Gillespie 2

Kylie Gillespie

Tracey and the team are amazing!! They genuinely care about what they do and always think about what’s in their customer’s best interest. Definitely the best place on the coast to get uniforms, printing, embroidery & any workwear accessories. Best value and great quality!
Patricia Otto

Patricia Otto

Promotional Branding FAQ

Basically, an item is deemed branded if it has a logo printed, engraved, or embroidered on it. Branding a product can serve the purpose of promoting a business and creating brand awareness.
Consumers rank promotional T-shirts at the top of their list of preferred brand gifts, followed by pens, mugs, and water bottles. Interestingly, these items are also part of the goods that clients use most frequently.
Absolutely! We offer online customisation for promotional items. Please submit your file in any of the following digital formats: pdf, jpeg, and png.

There are several applications for promotional products. They include uses in upcoming trade shows, giveaways, thank you packages, and personalised freebies or uniforms for your staff members.

Many of our promotional items come in minimum quantities of one, allowing you to design a product that is entirely unique. If you add more items to your cart, the price per unit decreases giving you a fantastic deal on bulk orders.

Branding produces loyal customers. Through branding, you may influence people’s emotions in a variety of ways and increase their sense of loyalty to your business. Building ties with your consumers through branding paves the way for them to become devoted clients in the future.

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